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   Training, chassis settings

application 'Rf Lap Counter'

'Rf LapC Training'

Bluetooth decoder

Bluetooth decoder


PC (*)

(*) note : To be associated to a bluetooth decoder, the PC will need to have a bluetooth feature.

1) Quick description :  

This android application allows to do timings on track with a smartphone.
The recorded results can be loaded on the software 'Rf LapC Training' in order to be analysed.

The application 'Rf Lap Counter' can be downloaded and installed from the play store android.

2) Features :

- Application intended for the timing of training sessions

- 10 drivers maximum in a run

- Permanent database that can contain 50 drivers and 20 tracks.

- Recording of the drivers personal records.

- 2 modes of operation : 'training' (individual timing) or 'race'(groupstart).

- Parameters of race : runs duration 1 to 99 minutes or 1 to 99 laps.
                                     drivers classification according to their 'nber laps +time' or according to their 'best lap'.

- Vocal annoucement of the laptimes.

- Possibility of saving/loading each run.
- Possibility of exporting the runs to the software 'Rf LapC Training' for analysis.
- Possibility of exporting the database.

- Time resolution : 0,001s

- Smartphone configuration : android version equal or upper than 4.0.3  /  decoder 'Bluetooth'

    Application 'Rf LapCounter' for Smartphone

1) Quick description :  

'Rf LapC Training' is a software from our range that allows to realize training sessions and tests of cars settings.

A demo version can be downloaded for free from our website ( page Downloads / Videos ).
The software is sold as a CD (online shop).

2) Features :

- Software intended for training sessions and tests of cars settings

- 20 drivers and 20 runs maximum in a session

- Permanent database with a capacity of 20 circuits, 300 drivers and 300 cars with their chassis settings
- 'Runs' Database : For each driver, 50 runs can be saved (results of the run and settings of the car used)

- Graphical analysis of the runs results
- Possibility to couple the runs results with the settings of the cars used

- Parameters of race : runs duration 1' to 12 hours or 1 to 999 laps / every car is timed individually

- Possibility of printing the data
- Possibility of saving/loading each session
- Possibility of importing the runs previously saved on smartphones

- Time resolution : 0.001s

- PC configuration :  windows  XP, Vista, W7, W8, W10 / computer screen resolution > 1024x768 pixels / decoder 'USB' or 'Bluetooth'


          'Rf LapC Training' software