2- Transponders :

The transponders communicate with the decoder by RF signals.

They are battery-powered (batteries integrated), so their mounting on the car is quick and easy.

Their antenna is flexible, elastic and unbreakable; it can be completely folded without any risk.


       type B transponder

Specifications :

Type B transponder
   Number of codes available
   Response time
< 2ms
   Critical detection height (simple rod)
12cm = 4.7"
   Critical detection height (rod doubled)
17cm = 6.7"
   Standby current consumption
< 100nA
   Operating current consumption
   Batteries autonomy, standby mode
2 years
   Batteries autonomy, number of laps
200 000 laps
   Batteries type (replaceable) 2 batteries CR1225
   Temperature range
-10°C / + 55°C
   Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 45 x 20 x 11 mm
   Weight (batteries included) 12g