3- Decoders USB

Their means of communication with the transponders is based on RF signals.

2 versions are available : the decoder 'RC1 USB' (older), and the decoder 'RC2 USB' more accurate and powerful.

The decoders 'RC1/RC2 USB' work simply connected to a PC by the means of a USB cable.

Light and small sized, they can be easily handled or carried.

                         Decoder 'USB' 

Specifications :

Decoder RC1 USB
Decoder RC2 USB
   Number of codes available
65000 65000
   Acquisition time
< 3ms < 3ms
   Accuracy on the laptimes
+/- 0.01s
+ / - 0.002s
   Clock stability
+/- 10ppm
   Clock accuracy
+/- 10ppm
   Work connected to . . .
   Mode of communication USB port USB port
   Power supply by computer USB Port by computer USB Port
   Max. current consumption 25mA ( 0.15W ) 25mA ( 0.15W )
   Specific features No Automatic recovery on USB failure
   Temperature range -10°C / + 55°C -10°C / + 55°C
   Dimensions ( L x W x H ) 100 x 75 x 40 mm
100 x 75 x 40 mm
   Weight in g 100g