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Kit Karting RC3 Bluetooth
Decoder RC3 Bluetooth
    169 ¤

Description : This kit contains the necessary equipment to keep time on a track equiped with a magnetic bar/strip !
It is entirely upgradeable and can be completed with the material sold separately.
Kit content : - 1 transponder RC3 Karting (for 1 kart).
- 1 decoder RC3 Bluetooth.
- 1 CD containing user guide of the decoder.
Decoder : - our decoder RC3 Bluetooth gives the possibility to do timing sessions with a smartphone.
- works with the transponders RC3 Karting.
- accuracy on the lap times  +/-0.002sec.
- allows the simultaneous timing of 10 karts with our android application.
- connection to a Smartphone or a PC by Bluetooth link ( Class1 ).
Configuration :
- Smartphone or PC with the Bluetooth function.
- Smartphone : android version 4.0.3 (or upper) + application 'RfLapCounter'.
- PC : windows  XP, Vista, W7, W8, W10 + bluetooth function + software 'Rf LapC Basic Timing'.
          computer screen resolution > 1024x768 pixels.