'Rf LapC Training' :   v 1.1.c.2   04/10/2016   bug correction :      - errors when entering special characters (drivers database)

  v 1.1.c.1   17/05/2016   upgrade :              - creation of an interface for the new decoder RC2 Bluetooth
                              - creation of a new function that allows to import the runs saved on the smartphones

  v.1.1.b.4   15/05/2016   bug correction :      - potential problem on the display of the countdown and the race clock

    v 1.1.b.3   11/07/2015   bugs correction :    - functioning problem on the manual scan of the transponders
                              - potential problem on the 'XPS Document writer' printing

  v 1.1.b.2   02/01/2015
  upgrade :               - creation of an interface for the new decoder RC2 USB

  v 1.1.a.2
  upgrade :               - improvement of the data stream management

v 1.1.a.1  19/10/2013   initial version :       French, English

     Software designed for training sessions and tests of cars settings :

     - 20 drivers and 20 runs maximum in a session

     - Permanent database with a capacity of 20 circuits, 300 drivers and 300 cars with their settings
     - 'Runs' Database : For each driver, 50 runs can be saved (results and settings of the car used) 

     - Graphical analysis of the runs results
     - Possibility to couple the runs results with the settings of the cars used

     - Parameters of race : runs duration 1' 12 hours or 1 to 999 laps / every car is timed individually

     - Possibility of printing the data
     - Possibility of saving/loading each session

     - Display entirely customizable 

     - Time resolution : 0.001s