Product description      
  Price (meter)
Waterproof hose 45mm
  8 Euros/m                      

Lenght / Longueur

Sold by the meter : purchase a lenght rounded up to the higher meter than your detection rod lenght
                               examples : if your detection rod is 1m80 long, buy a 2m long hose
                                                  if your detection rod is 3m long, buy a 4m long hose

Specifications : Waterproof hose designed to leave the detection rod permanently out on the track ( if temperatures > -10°C )
Suitable for a doubled detection rod (elements coupled 2 by 2)
Material : flexible PVC reinforced with polyester fiber.
Conditions of use : resistant to weather conditions for temperatures from -10°C to +50°C

Associated product :

Sealing stainless steel Kits

Sealing of the hose perfectly waterproof
Material : Staintless steel marine quality 316L

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