'Rf LapC Rally' :   v 1.1.d.1   01/11/2017   upgrade :                - new function that allows the internet publication of the race results
                                 - management of the international events : national flags displayed for the drivers

  v 1.1.b.10   07/03/2017   bug correction :        - potential problem on the rally classifications by age categories

  v 1.1.b.9   17/02/2017   upgrade :                 - addition of a database of age categories
                                  - addition of an additional screen showing the pilots coutdown in big size

  v 1.1.b.8   21/09/2016   upgrade :                 - addition of a database for the management of penalties in race

  v 1.1.b.7   05/06/2016
  translation :             - Spanish version available

     v 1.1.b.6   19/05/2016   bug correction :       - potential problem on the display of the countdown and the race clock

  v 1.1.b.5   17/07/2015
  translation :             - English version available

  v 1.1.b.4   11/07/2015
  bugs correction :      - problem of working of the transponders scan
                                  - potential problem with the 'XPS Document writer' printing

    v 1.1.b.3   05/03/2015   inital version :          French language             

 Software intended for the organisation of RC rallies

- Management of 1 to 9 rallies simultaneously

- Database for 50 categories of cars, 500 drivers and 500 cars

- Drivers : 200 participants maximum in a rally

- Special stages : up to 99 special stages in a rally

- Classifications : classification available for every special and for the rally (global/per category)

- Drivers starts : possibility to have drivers cadenced starts in the special stages (from 1 to 3600s)

- Possibility of printing the lists of participants, starting grids and different classifications

- Possibility of saving/loading every rally

- Display entirely customizable

- Time resolution : 0.001s